Swimming pools are supposed to be crystal clear, silky, blue and clean.  Understand, though, in order for that clear and clean water to exist, we need to defy nature and biology.

Pools turn green because of the growth of algae.  It’s very simple.  An un-sanitized body of water (ie. no chlorine in a pool), is fertile ground for algae (bacteria) growth.  That algae can start off as a few spores along a wall or step, and quickly turn into an entire pool-sized green yucky mess.  Listed below are some possible reasons as to why your pool turned green and what you can do about it:

1.  Poor water balance:  Keeping you pH lower on the preferred scale (7.0-7.2) makes it more difficult to flourish.

2.  Not brushing regularly:  Algae doesn’t like to be bothered, which is why you’ll see it start to form on walls and steps.  A good way to prevent algae growth is regular brushing of the entire pool wall/step/floor.

3.  High phosphates:  If your pool gets a lot of debris, that debris leaves behind a substance called “phosphate”.  While you can’t see phosphates, it is indeed food for algae.  Adding a regular dose of phosphate remover will make algae growth very difficult.

4.  Leaky pool:  If your pool has a leak, forcing you to constantly add water, your pool chemistry will be awry and force your chlorine levels to dilute regularly.  This makes algae growth very easy to ensue.

If your pool turns green, don’t worry.  It’s quite common and the treatment is not overly complicated.  Simply follow the steps to shock your pool or contact your local swimming pool service technician.