An enzyme is a protein that’s job is to break down organic matter into its smallest form.  You might have famously heard about the use of enzymes as it as used to break down oil deposits. Oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico caused by the BP oil spill, for example, were cleaned up by the use of enzymes.  Now you may not exactly be dumping oil in your pool anytime soon, but your pool is loaded with oil(s) from sun tan lotion, hair products like gels, mousse, sprays, makeup, and cosmetics.  These oily substances leave film and gunk along on your tile, clog up filters, and are even visible on the surface of the water itself.  Not just that, but they reduce the clarity of the water.

Clean Pool Slime bag What Are Enzymes And Why You Should Add Them To Your Pool

When it comes to do sanitizing a pool properly, most people know to use some form of chlorine.  That isn’t necessarily a problem, but for pools where that gets used frequently, chlorine demand is very high.  As an example of what chlorine demand means, a pool that’s sanitized using chlorine should be kept at about 3.0-5.0 ppm (parts per million).  A salt pool by contrast can sustain at 1.0 ppm.  That might not sound like much but that’s a huge difference!  Enzymes, by breaking down organic matter that’s left from debris and vegetation, make the use of chlorine much more economical.  That ultimately means that you ultimately use less chlorine to keep your pool clean!  Using enzymes regularly in your pool will allow you to drop your chlorine levels to about 2.0 ppm and still have a sparkly clean swimming pool!

You can pick up enzymes at any pool store or online.  There are a lot of manufacturers but the one we like is Orb-3.  For more information on enzymes or to learn about our VIP pool cleaning service, give us a call at (561) 320-1899.