Top 5 Swimming Pool Games

Generally adults imagine spending a day by the pool relaxing on a raft, sipping a cold drink and soaking up the sun. This relaxing moment that lingers in the minds of adults as they sit working at their cubicle is enough to want to rush through the week to reach the weekend spent by their backyard pool. Children on the other hand, don’t want to just relax or swim a few laps, they want to have fun. Swimming pool games have been entertaining children and adults alike for years. Below are the top five swimming pool games you can enjoy with your family and friends.

1 – Marco Polo

This all-time favorite pool game is fun and easy to play. One person closes their eyes and keeps them closed as other swimmers in the pool disperse. The swimmer with closed eyes shouts out loud “Marco” and the remaining swimmers reply by saying “Polo.” The blind swimmer uses their hearing and other senses to tag the other players.

2 – Water Hoops

Place a poolside basketball hoop near your pool and play full or half court games, depending on the size of your pool. Generally you play by the same rules as basketball with the exception that you are able to hold onto the ball up to five seconds before shooting or passing to another player.

3 – Treasure Hunt

Use pool safe objects such as painted rocks, large seashells and other items that will not get stuck in the pool filter. Allow the objects to sink to the bottom of the pool floor spaced out from one another. Swimmers have to retrieve the items as quickly as they can. The person with the most items wins the game.

4 – Swim Race

Challenge another swimmer to a race from one side of the pool to the other. You can choose to swim the length or the width of the pool, whichever is more suitable for the situation. If there are other swimmers in the pool, be courteous and let them know you are planning to race across a specific path.

5 – Splash Dance

Turn up the music and create teams among the swimmers. Each team choreographs their water dance to a song and competes against another team. Designate a judge to make the decision which team wins the game.

Pool games are fun and assures hours of entertainment in the pool. Get your family and friends involved and enjoy a hot day in the pool. Don’t forget that many people in the pool with suntan lotion on can cause the water to become unbalanced. Contact your pool cleaning service, such as Tiki Pool Service, to provide pool maintenance year round!