Top 5 Pool Safety Tips

There is something special about having a pool in your own backyard. Just looking out the window at the bright blue water can bring peace to your day. Being a pool owner means you also have responsibilities to keeping your family and friends safe during use and after. There are five essential pool safety tips that must be considered at all times.

1 – Keep up with Pool Maintenance

Your family can’t enjoy swimming, playing or relaxing in the pool if it is dangerous or dirty. Even dogs who love to join the family and swim alongside their owners need a clean environment. Taking care of your pool means more than just scooping debris from the top of the surface. You will want to put your trust in a pool service that will provide water balancing, pool floor vacuuming, debris removal from the pump basket and skimmer, thorough skimming of the water surface, monthly filter cleaning, brushing of the steps, walls and pool floor, repairs, water clarifying enzyme treatment and more!

2 – Never Leave Children Unattended

Pool drownings are frequent and can be avoided. It doesn’t always happen while everyone is in the pool, it also happens when a curious child just wants to play in the pool. If you have young children in your home, invest in a pool fence that locks. Drownings also happen when both parents are nearby as well. Often when there are too many family members in the pool or enjoying a relaxing day barbequing around the pool, they get distracted on the whereabouts of their children, who have sneaked into the pool without floatation devices or supervision. Always provide your child with a life jacket or floatation devices while around the pool and avoid getting distracted by others.

3 – Never Dive into the Shallow End

Basic pool rules such as no diving and running should be in effect at all times. The reason behind the rules is because there are severe consequences if things go wrong. For example, if you dive into the shallow end of the pool, your head can hit the pool floor, causing head injury. Also running around the pool, which is often covered with water, can cause you to slip and fall, breaking legs and arms, in addition to hitting your head on the concrete floor.

4 – Keep Children Away from Entrapments

Advise your child and your entire family to stay clear of pool drains, pipes and other openings. Often clothing and hair can get caught and pull the child closer to the drain or opening against their will. This is especially dangerous for pool drains that are located on the pool floor. Avoid swimming close to these areas to prevent injury and possible drowning.

5 – Remove Pool Toys

Pool toys are an essential part of pool fun. But when they are not in use remove them from the pool and store them in a closet or somewhere out of sight. Colorful pool toys left in the pool can attract young children to want to go play with them, causing them to wonder over to the pool alone. Removing the toys also help keep the toys clean and makes the pool easier to service.

Pool safety is an essential part to having a pool. Always enforce the rules and explain the consequences of not following them. Sometimes children may think parents are just being strict and have no idea about the severe consequences they may endure for not following the rules. If you have young children that are not able to fully understand the rules, always provide supervision, as well as install a pool gate to prevent them from approaching the pool when not in use. Enjoy your days at your luxurious pool with your family and friends. Don’t forget to contact Tiki Pool Services for top quality pool maintenance.