The Importance of Pool Chemicals

When you have a pool built in your back yard, the general focus is the appearance, size and landscaping surrounding the pool. It is rare that pool owners think deeply about the importance of pool chemicals and how essential they are to keeping your family healthy and your pool maintained. Often the water balance suffers due to the oversight on the owner’s part.

Dangers in Pool Water

Pool maintenance is essential to keeping your family and friends who use the pool healthy. Sometimes pool owners take the care of their pool into their own hands and mistakenly mistreat the water balance, or ignore it completely. An untreated pool can contain dangerous pathogens including bacteria and disease-carrying microorganisms. These pathogens thrive in water and can move from one person to another easily.

An open sore on the skin is the perfect place for the bacteria to enter the body and eventually make its way to the blood stream causing illness and infection. Preventing this is possible with regular pool maintenance by a professional pool cleaning service such as Tiki Pool Services.

Corrosion Possibilities

Imbalanced pool water can result in corrosion of the hand rail, ladder, pump and other equipment. Long-term corrosion can be costly due to the replacement of damaged items. Keeping the pool water balanced and well cared for helps to prevent future damage and costs.

pH Levels

pH refers to the baseness or acidity of pool water. Generally the proper pH level ranges from 7.4 to 7.6 on a numeric scale of a pH test kit. pH levels that range between 8 and 14 are considered base pH level and causes chlorine to be inactive and dissolve quickly.

Pool maintenance can be challenging for pool owners due to its sensitive nature and precise requirements. While most pool owners do their best to take care of their investment, they unknowingly misuse pool chemicals. If you feel that pool care doesn’t fit into your daily schedule or interest you, consider hiring a pool cleaning service.

If you live in Boca Raton or Delray Beach, Tiki Pool Service should be at the top of your list. You can feel confident that Tiki Pool Service will provide essential services, such as water balancing, pool floor vacuuming, cleaning debris from pump baskets and skimmers, thorough skimming of the water surface, monthly filter cleaning, brushing of the steps, walls and pool floor, essential repairs, preventative maintenance and water clarifying enzyme treatment. Place the importance of pool chemicals in the hands of pool cleaning professionals today!