tile cleaning 300x171 Pool Tile Polishing

Pool tile is a magnet for organic debris, bugs, and scum lines.  For this, brushing is essential for keeping the tile free of any debris.  The scum lines, however, caused by oils from sunblock, hair products, and make-up won’t be removes as easily.  For that, we at Tiki Pool Services use a product called Enzymes which, when added to the pool on a regular basis, breaks up those oily compounds.
“But what about calcium deposits? How do you remove those?”
Water that is high in calcium will find areas along pool walls and tile to deposit and build upon itself over time. These are noticeable as a hazy white substance that is both ugly and indicative of other potential water balancing issues.  So how does you remove it?
A common method is using chemicals such as muriatic acid.  The acid, when poured over the calcium, will begin to eat and dissolve it and with enough muriatic acid, one will find success with this method.  That’s not to say we’re fans, though.  In fact we strongly discourage using acid as a means as acid doesn’t discriminate what it effects.  While glass tile can hold up strongly against acid, natural stones are definitely impacted.
At Tiki Pool Services, we employ a strategy called Mineral Soda Blasting.  Essentially it’s like sandblasting the calcium deposits off, except sand obviously would scratch and damage the tile.  And the results are amazing, permanent, and require absolutely no harsh chemicals to be added to the pool!
If you’re experiencing calcium deposits along your pool tile and would like a FREE estimate on how to remove them, give Tiki Pool Services a call (561) 320-1899.