Landscaping Ideas for Backyard Pools

The beautiful crystal blue water that radiates from your pool every day is a focal point of your backyard. Many pool owners take pride in creating exquisite landscaping around their pool to have a relaxing and beautiful sanctuary they can call their own. If you don’t know where to begin when it comes to landscaping, take the following landscaping ideas for backyard pools into consideration.

Clean your Yard – Clean any items or debris in your yard that are old and not pleasing to the eye. Also remove weeds and any plants that are not alive.

Choose Greenery – There are a variety of green plants that add a serene feeling to your yard. They also compliment flowery plants and act as a strong background.

Add Trees – Depending on where you live and your year round climate changes, trees are an excellent way to add shade to your yard.

Choose flowers – Some people don’t like flowery plants, but others enjoy them in abundance. Don’t go overboard unless you want it is something you really want. A few flowery plants with white or red flowers will add color in a subtle way.

Avoid Plants that Attract Bees – There are a variety of plants that look amazing but attract bees. Avoid planting them in your backyard near your pool. It can ruin your relaxing day by the pool when bees are flying around you.

Be Cautious of Placing Plants and Trees that Shed Poolside – Depending on the season, trees and plants naturally shed leaves and flowers, which could end up making their way into your pool. Unless you plan on raking leaves and sweeping debris away from your pool on a daily basis, avoid placing trees and plants too close to the pool water.

Pool Decks – Pool decks add a special touch and give the pool a warm welcoming feel. Choose a deck that complements the shape and size of your pool.

Pool Furniture A backyard pool with nowhere to sit is not fun. Although most of your time is spent in the pool, it is nice to have pool chairs to relax and small tables to rest a drink. Pool furniture comes in a variety of styles and colors. Choose pool furniture that suits your taste and adds color and depth to your backyard landscaping.

Creating your own poolside backyard sanctuary is exciting and allows you to tap into your creative side. Your backyard pool is a focal point and investment for your property. Make sure you take good care of your pool to avoid corrosion, damage to equipment and bacteria in the pool water. Hiring a pool cleaning service to provide year round pool maintenance is essential to keeping your investment in top shape. Tiki Pool Services provides a multitude of pool services to customers in Boca Raton and Delray Beach.