Swimming pool stains come from a variety of sources.  As leaves and other debris fall to the bottom of the pool, they can leave behind organic stains.  They vary in size, and are usually brown or amber in color.  These stains come and go depending on season and foliage, and with enough chemicals, time for the pool to circulate, and some thorough brushing, those stains lift eventually.

There are, however, stains that are more difficult with dealing.  These are not caused by organic materials, rather metals in the water like iron and copper.  All water has some metals and depending on where you live, some more than other.  Here in Boca Raton, metals tend to be high in hose water.  Combine that with poor water chemistry and eventually you can very easily be staring at a pool, like one of our Boca Raton pool customers below:

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This customer called us frantic as with each passing day it seemed like, stains in the bottom of her pool were expanding.  With ugly stains like this, she naturally thought she would need the pool to be resurfaced (which is an option).  But resurfacing a pool, especially for how large her pool was, would have cost her over $4,000!  That’s when we offered a much more affordable and equally successful solution: acid washing.

As the name suggests, an acid wash quite literally burns everything in sight off the pool surface (organic or not).  It’s a great alternative to resurfacing the entire pool, especially if the integrity of the diamonbrite is still intact.  A lot of times people with ugly pool staining resort to resurfacing the entire pool prematurely, and it costs thousands!We drained the pool and carefully washed every spot in sight with muriatic acid. And the results were spectacular:

The best part is, this procedure cost the customer about 1/4 of a new surface and it came with the exact same result: a brand new, beautiful blue pool!

20150129 101548 300x169 How To Remove Pool Stains

Be weary of products that claim to remove existing metal stains like this one.  What these products do is act essentially as a metal remover thus preventing the likelihood of metal stains in the future.  Unfortunately the results of these types of products are minimal at best for already existing stains.

If your pool surface is experiencing unsightly stains, small or widespread, and you live in Boca Raton, FL give us a call at (561) 320-1899 right away.  Sometimes the stains are small enough that we can spot-treat them without having to drain the pool.