You don’t need to wait long to see a pool go from clean and clear to a dirty green mess.  Here in South Florida, a pool off of its cleaning cycle for just a few days will give you just that.  We’ve put together a step-by-step guide to turn a pool over for you below.  This is a guide to get your pook from green sewage to clear and swim-ready in just 2 days.  The best part is all the chemicals will cost you less than $20!


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1.  BRUSH 

Some pool cleaning pros will tell you to vacuum first, but depending on how much algae (green gunk) is present, you might not be able to see the bottom of the pool as is the case in the photo above.  If you’re unsure of what’s sitting in the bottom of your pool, then we highly suggest brushing the entire pool thoroughly.  Algae likes to secure itself along the walls and floors of your pool.  By brushing it, you’re releasing the algae into circulation where the chemicals you’re about to add can kill it


A jug of chlorine from your pool supply store just won’t cut it here.  In order to eradicate all the algae you’re going to need to superchlorinate the pool, or “shock” it.  Although you can use liquid chlorine, it’s far more efficient to use granular chlorine.   These can be purchased in single 1-lb bags at any pool supply store like Pinch-a-Penny.  Read the directions to account for how many bags you’ll need but to turn over this very dark green pool in the photo, we used only 2-lbs of granular shock.  Pro tip:  to thoroughly kill all the algae, we suggest adding a capful of yellowtrine.  Again this is commonly found at pool stores.  This is an algaecide designed to kill of yellow and green algae.


Set your pool timer to run for the next 24 hours.  Adding all the chemicals in the world would be enough without proper circulation of the pool.


After letting the pool run for 24 hours, you’ll notice the pool is blue again but cloudy-white.  That is none other than dead algae.  It’s very important you remove the filter and clean it thoroughly with a high-pressure hose.  This is important as the only way you’ll be able to remove all of the floating dead algae is through a clean filter.

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And that’s it!  Continue to let the pool cycle as long as possible until all of the dead algae is cleared up.  This will also require you to take the filter out a few more times and clean.  But within 48 hours your pool will back up and running!


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