How to Clean a Pool Deck

Pool decks are made from a variety of surface material including textured cement, brushed concrete, stone, ceramic tile, brick, rubber granules and cement coatings. Pool decks get dirty and can easily grow bacteria that can cause slipperiness and injury plus spread disease. It is essential that your pool deck or surface is cleaned on a regular basis. Pool owners often feel overwhelmed with the task of cleaning the pool deck. There are few easy steps you can take to make the process easier

Follow the Rules

Chances are you specifically chose what type of material you wanted for your pool deck surface. You may have installed it yourself or had a professional do the installation. Either way you should have a manual with instructions on how to clean and maintain your pool deck. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and instructions.

Pressure Cleaning

Generally large pool decks benefit most from pressure cleaning. Pool owners usually purchase instead of rent pressure washers in order to save money and provide long-term care for their pool deck. Pressure cleaners easily remove bacteria, dirt, grease and scum from the surface leaving a clean surface that is safe and clean.


Sometimes the best cleaning procedures can still leave grime, dirt and spots behind. These types of hard-to-get-rid-of spots require special attention from the owner. You will need to invest in a hard bristle brush and scrub the spots until they are gone.

Disinfect the Pool Deck

Pool deck surfaces can hide harmful bacteria and pathogens that need to be disinfected. Check your owner’s manual regarding the use of commercial disinfectants. If your manual approves, use the commercial disinfectant and an air pressure sprayer to apply the disinfectant solution to the deck surface. Air pressure sprayers can be rented or purchased at your local garden or hardware store. They also have an attachment want that is needed for applying the disinfectant.

Cleaning your pool deck on a regular basis is essential to preventing exposure to harmful pathogens and bacteria and slippery surfaces. Always clean your pool water afterwards to assure proper water balance. Hiring a pool cleaning service such as Tiki Pool Services, is an excellent way to provide pool maintenance and keep your pool clean and safe. Take action today and keep your pool water and deck clean so you can enjoy your pool any time of the year.