We love taking on challenges.  One recent customer of ours in Delray Beach, FL called us frantically as he desperately tried to keep his pool water high enough.  It was clear his swimming pool was leaking but despite, as he said, having a professional pool leak detection company come out and test his pool to see where his leak was coming, they left scratching their heads still without a clue as to where this customer, Brandon, could be losing so much water.

When we visited Brandon, just to be thorough, we tested all of the likely culprits of a leaky swimming pool and as the previous Delray Beach pool service had already confirmed, we couldn’t find it.  Ultimately after thoroughly examining every inch of the pool, we discovered hollow pool line tiles.  Ultimately for Brandon, we had to chip away his entire tile line to discover a deep crack as the water was seeping through cracked grout.

Pool leak detection is a tricky thing as all it takes is the smallest crack to cause hundreds of dollars of headaches.  Furthermore, by constantly adding fresh water to your pool, the water chemistry is ruined, metals from your hose water is being added back into the pool, and if the leak is aggressive enough, you put your motor at risk of burning out as water level that’s too low can cause the pump to draw air from the skimmer, ultimately leading to overheating.

20140114 114056 300x169 Delray Beach Pool Leak

Cracked pool tile (before)

Back to Brandon’s pool.  After chipping out the old tile we were able to seal all the cracks thoroughly leaving a water-tight surface to safely lay new tile.  And you know what? It turned out to be a beautiful job for a reasonable rate as we were able to lay down a modern glass-tile as the new tile line for the pool.

If you live in Delray Beach and you suspect your pool to be leaking, call Tiki Pool Services at (561) 320-1899 to schedule a leak detection.