aquarite 300x224 Converting To Salt Chlorination

Not everyone uses their swimming pool.  For some homeowners, their swimming pool is nothing more than a pretty sight to enjoy.  But if you’re like the many millions who love cooling off, enjoying pool parties, or swimming for exercise, installing a salt chlorination system should be very high on your list.

Nothing is worse than the dry, itchy sensation when you get out of the pool.  It’s indicative of high chlorine and possibly other imbalances in your water chemistry.  That’s typical for most pool owners because they use gallons of harsh liquid chlorine.
A salt chlorination system, instead, automates the production of chlorine and the best part is you’re in 100% control!

Some more benefits to salt chlorinators are:


Easier chemical balancing.  When your pool is traditionally treated with chlorine, it significantly alters other aspects like pH, alkalinity, and calcium levels.  Because the chlorine is produced consistently and at low levels, it has far less effect on pH, alkalinity, and calcium.


  • Less “shocking” pools.
  • Significantly less risk of algae blooms
  • Safer swimming conditions
  • No harsh chemical fumes
  • Softer feeling water


We, at Tiki Pool Services, aren’t just passionate about cleaning and maintaining pools, but the users who enjoy them.  If you want to insure the safest, best swimming conditions for you and your family, call us (561) 320-1899 for a FREE estimate on salt chlorination installation.