For pool owners around Boca Raton and Delray Beach swimming is nearly a year round thing to do. This means your swimming pool gets a lot of use.

Do you know if the pool needs cleaning?

An imbalance to the pool water can cause serious issues that are easily resolved with a good cleaning. The effects of haphazard or occasional cleaning create high cost maintenance and repairs over time. A weekly pool servicing eliminates that worry. Three reasons explain the need for weekly servicing of swimming pools:

Health and Safety – if the pH level of your water isn’t balanced your chlorine isn’t working effectively. Germs, bacteria and spores find a way to use this to their advantage.

• Comfort – if the chlorine is too high, low or not working you will see and feel the affect to your skin and eyes after one time in the pool. High acidity is just as bad as low pH.

• Corrosion – problems with corrosion will occur with imbalanced water. This affects the hand rails, ladder, liner, filtration and pumps causing shortened life span and increased maintenance.

You would be surprised at some of the things found in the swimming pool.

Metal is in my swimming pool?

Simply put, the water you use to fill your pool is full of stain-causing metal. Copper, Iron and Manganese flow into your pool through the pipes and treatment systems along the way. There’s no way around this. Metal found in water will stain whatever container the water is placed. Take a glass of pool water and let it set for a week; that residue you find later is the metal found in your pool water when left untreated. A weekly pool service captures and removes metals; which in turn prevents stains and buildup in your filtration system.

What else is in my pool water?

While metals aren’t brought into the water by you, other impurities are.

• Sun tan lotion

• makeup

• hair products

• oil from your skin

• leaves

• dirt and debris

Don’t forget about the environment around the pool.

Unless you keep your pool covered at all times when not in use other debris, residue and foreign objects easily enter the water.

• Leaves

• Dirt

• Airborne seeds or other objects

• Dead bugs

• Bird Droppings

These foreign objects also create stains, residue and unhealthy conditions in your water. Simply put these impurities decay over time causing chlorine levels to drop as you begin to notice a tainted discoloration to the water.

Don’t forget about the algae!

Yes, algae can enter the swimming pool water. How? The same way other dirt and debris gets in – via the air, foreign objects and even swimming. Without proper weekly pool servicing algae can become a major problem. You won’t know it’s a problem until you see fully blown algae turning your water green and slimy.

Even if the filtration system is functioning; even if you sanitize at proper levels; even if you watch the pool – algae-free water is never 100% guaranteed. Calling around Delray Beach or Boca Raton for a fast pool service could be problematic. Having a scheduled weekly pool cleaning service eliminates the problem.

Pool cleaning vs. Pool repair?

While it may seem costly to have weekly treatments by a professional pool service, the cost of pool repairs to remove rust, mildew and damage to the pool itself far exceeds an enzyme treatment. This is especially true for in-ground pools where damage to walls and tiles can result in high repair and masonry bills.

Our polishing service removes scum and white calcium deposits that can dull and eventually damage tiles around the swimming pool. Not many Boca Raton pool cleaning services offer this.

Regular checks and cleaning of the skimmer and filtration systems maintain a proper circulation of treated water to clear out impurities. Cleaning the backwash system also allows the filtration system to work a full life cycle providing more for your money. While vacuuming is needed during the season, it won’t be as needed when the system is being maintained.