Popular Swimming Pool Games for Kids Fill your kid’s hot summer day with an exciting day in the pool. Invite their friends over to join in the fun and encourage them to play fun pool games. While there are plenty of games children will make up themselves, there are a few that stand out from Read More »

Summer in South Florida is quickly approaching.  We’re entering the high-usage season of pool parties and just everyday fun in the swimming pool.  It also means, especially here in Boca Raton, a lot of rain and sun!  With the increase of pool activity, increase of water temperature, rain, and sun, there is also a much Read More »

How To Make Your Pool Energy And Environmentally Friendly In this day and age, we’ve become much more energy and environmentally conscious.  Pretty much every household appliance from refrigerators to air conditioning units have energy-saving features.  But what about swimming pools?  Turns out, there are a lot of things you can do or purchase to Read More »

You don’t need to wait long to see a pool go from clean and clear to a dirty green mess.  Here in South Florida, a pool off of its cleaning cycle for just a few days will give you just that.  We’ve put together a step-by-step guide to turn a pool over for you below. Read More »

An enzyme is a protein that’s job is to break down organic matter into its smallest form.  You might have famously heard about the use of enzymes as it as used to break down oil deposits. Oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico caused by the BP oil spill, for example, were cleaned up by the Read More »

There are so many different pool sanitizers, it can be confusing and downright frustrating to figure out which works best without having to spend a fortune.  Technically, you have the options to use chlorine in liquid, solid (tablets), and even in gas form.  There are other chemical options like bromine and even o-zone.  If you’re Read More »

It’s so easy to keep your pool crystal clear with a few easy steps. Most pool owners keep their pool clean using chlorine only which dissipates within days. With the addition of Algi Bloc, the use of chlorine can be dramatically reduced which saves time, money and filter use. Algi Bloc is distributed throughout Australia Read More »