Not everyone uses their swimming pool.  For some homeowners, their swimming pool is nothing more than a pretty sight to enjoy.  But if you’re like the many millions who love cooling off, enjoying pool parties, or swimming for exercise, installing a salt chlorination system should be very high on your list. Nothing is worse than Read More »

                It’s only April, and yet it feels like summer is here in South Florida.  With the weather warming up, it’s time to clean off the bbq grates, clean up the backyard and of course, get the pool ready for prime swim season! Nothing beats the excitement for Read More »

How to Clean a Pool Deck Pool decks are made from a variety of surface material including textured cement, brushed concrete, stone, ceramic tile, brick, rubber granules and cement coatings. Pool decks get dirty and can easily grow bacteria that can cause slipperiness and injury plus spread disease. It is essential that your pool deck Read More »

Landscaping Ideas for Backyard Pools The beautiful crystal blue water that radiates from your pool every day is a focal point of your backyard. Many pool owners take pride in creating exquisite landscaping around their pool to have a relaxing and beautiful sanctuary they can call their own. If you don’t know where to begin Read More »

Top 5 Swimming Pool Games Generally adults imagine spending a day by the pool relaxing on a raft, sipping a cold drink and soaking up the sun. This relaxing moment that lingers in the minds of adults as they sit working at their cubicle is enough to want to rush through the week to reach Read More »

5 Reasons to Hire a Pool Cleaning Service Pool owners often take matters into their own hands when it comes to cleaning the pool. It generally starts out with good intentions and after a busy daily schedule interferes, the condition of the pool suffers. Untreated pool water is dangerous and long-term neglect can cause corrosion Read More »

Top 5 Pool Safety Tips There is something special about having a pool in your own backyard. Just looking out the window at the bright blue water can bring peace to your day. Being a pool owner means you also have responsibilities to keeping your family and friends safe during use and after. There are Read More »

The Importance of Pool Chemicals When you have a pool built in your back yard, the general focus is the appearance, size and landscaping surrounding the pool. It is rare that pool owners think deeply about the importance of pool chemicals and how essential they are to keeping your family healthy and your pool maintained. Read More »

For pool owners around Boca Raton and Delray Beach swimming is nearly a year round thing to do. This means your swimming pool gets a lot of use. Do you know if the pool needs cleaning? An imbalance to the pool water can cause serious issues that are easily resolved with a good cleaning. The Read More »

Summer in South Florida is quickly approaching.  We’re entering the high-usage season of pool parties and just everyday fun in the swimming pool.  It also means, especially here in Boca Raton, a lot of rain and sun!  With the increase of pool activity, increase of water temperature, rain, and sun, there is also a much Read More »