pool stain Stain Prevention Treatment


Your pool is under attack constantly from leaves, bugs, trees, and other debris.  Eventually, those debris will leave marks along your pool walls and floors!

Stains are inevitable in your pool.  Age of the pool shell, amount of debris it collects, and human error all plays a role into how wide the stains spread.  The last note, human error, is specially important as something as simple as basic water balance has a trickle-down effect on the presence of stains.  This is why it’s paramount to let a professional monitor your pool water chemistry either by taking it to your local pool store or calling Tiki Pool Services to do the work for you.
Allowing the water’s pH or overall balance too low creates a corrosive environment.  That means the water can literally strip the metal off of pool parts (ie. copper coils in the heater).  When those metals enter the water, you’re guaranteed to eventually see rust-colored stains along the pool.
The best way to manage pool staining is to prevent them all together:
  • Maintain a healthy pool chemistry of chlorine, pH, alkalinity, and cyanuric acid.
  • Weekly brushing with a steel/nylon brush to insure debris doesn’t sit too long.
  • At least once per week vacuuming of the entire pool.
  • Semi-annual stain and scale prevention additives.
  • Being careful not to allow lawn/plant fertilizers to accidentally spread to the pool.  These fertilizers are metal-based and will stain instantly.
Pool stains are inevitable.  Even with good maintenance, over the course of the pool shell’s life (10-15 years) you’re going to see stains come and go.  But poor maintenance will allow for frequent staining that becomes expensive to remove.
Allow the professionals at Tiki Pool Services to manage your pool care by calling (561) 320-1899.