skimming 300x169 Skimming

The most basic of all swimming pool maintenance, skimming can’t be overlooked as one of the more important steps to maintaining a healthy pool.  Skimming your swimming pool requires, well, a skimmer net and some patience as debris comes in all sizes.  That’s why it’s important that if you’re going to venture maintaining your own swimming pool, you need the right equipment.

Skimmer nets come in different levels of perforation, meaning size between the netting.  Larger perforated nets are cheaper and easy to pick up larger debris, ie leaves, twigs, dead lizards, etc.  However they’re very inefficient as larger perforation means you’ll never be able to scoop up smaller debris like bugs and smaller flower petals.
That’s why our professionals at Tiki Pool Services only use fine perforated netting allowing us to scoop up a majority, if not all, of the debris floating around the pool.
If you’re not up to scooping dead bugs and dirty leaves on a consistent basis, better to call a professional to handle the care of your pool as you’re leaving your equipment susceptible to harm.  Debris that isn’t skimmed means more time for bacteria to float around in the pool causing havoc to your pool’s chemistry.
For proper skimming as well as overall expert pool care, call the professionals at Tiki Pool Services a call at (561) 320-1899.