Some people want their cars cleaned. Others want their cars detailed. Pools are no different. Proper pool maintenance typically calls for:

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However for the attention-to-detail pool owners, we created will take your pool care to a whole new level with noticeable results like:

  • Weekly Stain prevention treatment. Your pool water is filled with stain-causing metals like copper, iron, and manganese. Our weekly treatments will capture and remove these metals and prevent stains from ever happening.
  • Water clarifying enzyme treatment. Enzymes break down oils that are left floating in your pool like sun tan lotion, makeup, hair products, leaves and debris, and even the oil from our skin. By removing these impurities, you will notice very quickly how bright and sparkly your pool becomes as well as how soft and silky the water is. Best of all, the enzymes reduce your pool’s chlorine demand resulting in safer swimming conditions!
  • Weekly tile polishing. Your pool tile will stand out, free of white calcium deposits and scum.
  • Priority repairs. Unfortunately, the need for repair will come up for every pool owner. Clients receive priority scheduling of repairs with a majority of repairs completed within 24 hours.
  • 20% off new products and equipment.

Best of all, when you upgrade to become a VIP member you’ll instantly receive a FREE automatic pool vacuum cleaner! ($194 real value)Tiki Pool Services Special Offer 150x150 Pool Cleaning Service Details

To inquire more about our VIP Membership Plan including a FREE estimate call us now at (561) 320-1899.