Pool party 31 300x267 April Pool Party Ideas!









It’s only April, and yet it feels like summer is here in South Florida.  With the weather warming up, it’s time to clean off the bbq grates, clean up the backyard and of course, get the pool ready for prime swim season! Nothing beats the excitement for your first pool party of the season and we’re here to help plan the perfect fun-filled pool day!  How do you make sure everyone is having a great time?  Here are 4 awesome ideas to kick off the summer pool season:

  1. What’s Your Theme?

Build up the excitement with a fun theme that’s displayed not only in the party favors and decorations, but guests’ attire.  Some common themes for families of all ages are a Hawaiian Luau, a beach-theme, and a pirate-theme.  If your party is adult-only, you can choose to go with a Miami Whiteout theme, a Vegas night, or the increasingly popular 1950’s theme party popularized by the hit series Mad Men.

2.  Outsource The Spread

If you’re hosting a small crew of friends or family, it makes sense to man the grill yourself as it’s a manageable crowd.  But if you’re hosting any more than 12 people, it’s far more effective to outsource the food and maybe even drinks. Take into account the stress of buying all the food, preparing, cooking, and serving…all while you should be enjoying your own party with your guests.  Instead, leave it to the pro’s who, depending on budget, can do everything from setting up tables and chairs to providing all the food, drink, and even clean up!

On a tight budget?  Many local restaurants offer catering services where they cook all the food, and all you have to do is simply pick it up and serve, saving you the cost of labor.

3.  Games, Games, Games!

Have age-appropriate games planned ahead for your party to insure everyone is having a great time!  For less than $100, you can purchase pool sports like volleyball nets, basketball hoops, or water polo goals.  The best part is they’re appropriate for all ages and a ton of fun!  If you don’t want to spend money, no problem.  Classics like Marco Polo, “Chicken Fight”, Sharks and Minnows, and even belly flop contests are a great way to get everyone involved!

With a little bit of planning, creativity and money, you can make sure your next pool party your best!