We have a very basic, yet important, philosophy at Tiki Pool Services.  Take great care of people, and we’ll be taken great care of.  Unfortunately a majority of our new customers find us after they were left on the short end of the pool servicMichele1 4 Questions To Ask Your Pool Guye business exchange.  If you live in South Florida, mainly Delray Beach and Boca Raton, your options of pool cleaning service companies are plentiful.  At the same time, though, it can be overwhelming having so many companies offering up similar services for varying prices.  If you’re new to hiring a pool company, here are 5 essential questions you must ask to insure you receive quality professional pool care.


1.  “Who will be in charge of our weekly pool cleaning and maintenance?”

This is the single biggest make-or-break factor to hiring the company presenting their service to you.  The number one complaint we receive from prospective customers is that their last pool guy seemed to always be changing almost on a monthly basis.  Inevitably with that much turnover, the pool service itself will lack time to time as well.  Some businesses, sub-contracting out is inevitable.  Pool cleaning and repair is not one of them.  Regardless of who you decide to hire make sure they are owner AND operator.  If their livelihood relies on your satisfaction, you’re guaranteed to receive a better experience.

2.  “Let me see a copy of your insurance policy”

This is a no-brainer, yet we find so few prospective customers ask for the pool company’s insurance policy.

3.  “Are you certified pool tech?”

Making sure your pool guy is a certified pool operator is very important.  It’s there that your pool pro learned the importance of water chemical balance, the mechanics and systems of your pool.  It’s scary how many pool service tech’s are uninsured and not certified.

4.  “Do you handle your own repairs?”

Swimming pool repair is inevitable.  Motors die every 3-5 years, pool leaks are common and filters need to be replaced annually.  If your pool guy is outsourcing to another repair source, that means you’re paying more money to get it fixed!  A seasoned pool vet will have the experience and knowledge to be able to handle most if not all repairs himself, thus saving you money.

Your swimming pool might be the single most expensive thing on your property.  Taking proper care of it, then, shouldn’t be decided simply based on who offers the cheapest rate.  Ask those 4 questions, as you’ll soon realize who suits you best.

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